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Malika is the Chief Operating Officer at Cloud Analogy, a leading Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner, and Propel Guru, a leading sales and digital marketing agency based in Canada.

A member of the prestigious Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), Malika has assisted some of the most reputed global brands by handling Business Development, Corporate Strategy, and Strategic Business Unit Leadership.

Passionate about driving results through exceptional collaboration and disruptive strategies, Malika has expertise in critical organizational activities, including but not limited to digitization, change management, industrialized innovation, re-skill, strategy buildup, and seamless delivery of client products and solutions across multiple and sophisticated platforms to drive strategy, growth, and innovation.



Malika completed her Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management/Personnel Administration from the Prestigious University of Westminster, London.

Her areas of specialization included a comprehensive range of core topics, including but not limited to human resource management, organizational analysis, design and development, leadership, learning and development, employee engagement, management skills, analytical and diagnostic techniques, and ethical requirements within the workplace.


Yidan Wang, Development Specialist from Vanderbloemen shares her feedback on working with Cloud Analogy, one of the world’s leading Salesforce Development Companies and the most trusted Salesforce Implementation Partner.

Salesforce CRM is the world’s number one cloud-based software and CRM platform, which provides companies with an interface for task management and case management. It helps you market your sales, services, commerce, and other IT works from anywhere and anytime so that you keep your customers happy. 

When it comes to the Salesforce customer portal, it provides the customers’ specific options like social networking plug-in and so on. This way, customers can have the ability to have conversations with the company on social networking sites and websites. Salesforce has changed the way how software is being delivered and used in an enterprise.

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is an amalgamation of software, processes, and different business strategies. It includes all strategies, tools, technologies, and techniques that help develop, acquire, and retain customers. 

CRM ensures that all the steps that go along with the interaction with customers go out efficiently to increase the sales. Thus, this software focuses on customer relationships with the company. Also, as CRM provides easier data access, it helps increase productivity and improve page manageability. The main augment with CRM is that it be easily accessible for all the businesses – from small scale to large scale.

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Malika helps business customers by using her deep CRM, digital marketing, and lead generation expertise. Her understanding of how technology will impact industry and market segments to envision – and deliver – the means by which they can lead the pack to stay ahead of the curve.

Through her rich experience in CRM consultancy, Malika helps clients develop and deliver premium-quality CRM business and technical solutions to a diverse client base according to their specific requirements. Malika also has years of experience in sales and digital marketing activities such as search engine optimization, social media optimization, content writing, graphic designing, and website development.

As a cutting edge innovator, Malika helps small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies improve their customer experience by providing success-driven solutions. She also guides clients to grow and nurture their digital presence across multiple channels and enhance their market share to stay ahead of peers by applying digital technologies to create new value. Over the years, Malika has helped hundreds of businesses deliver significant and measurable results.

Through her extensive experience and deep insights, Malika identifies the pain points of businesses and helps them transform their technology infrastructure through robust, out-of-the-box, end-to-end, and intelligent capabilities, which range from cloud, lead generation, and digital marketing services and solutions to security and managed services. All in all, Malika empowers the world’s startups and leading businesses change the way their customers and people experience the performance, ROI, and streamlined business results.


Connecting The Dots: Mindful Self-Compassion

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